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"" Soarin' mumbled to himself ,fiddling with something.
"C'mon! This isn't hard!" Rainbow Dash told him.
"Okay... Explain this again"
"Soarin', there's nothing else to do besides this!"
"So I just...move down here and...then what?"
"Oh my goddess"
"Wait let me try again"
"Alright, I give up. Lets do something else."
Rainbow Dash got up and walked over to the game console, turning it off.
"That game is hard though..."
"How was it hard? All you do is fly and kick things!"
"I was afraid they would kick me back." He looked up at her with a huge goofy grin.
"Like I do?"
"Well...yeah-" Soarin' was cut off by a whack to his chest. "I DON'T REMEMBER SIGNING UP FOR AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP."
"Haha, you don't remember a lot of things."
"Oh, so pain can damage mentally too, not just physically?" He asked sarcastically.
"That's right." She give him a quick kiss on the cheek and headed towards the kitchen.
Soarin' followed her in and and stood in shock and confusion at what he saw in th
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IM GUNNA WRECK IT by KatHole23 IM GUNNA WRECK IT :iconkathole23:KatHole23 11 0 Our Highscool's Harlem Shake video! by KatHole23 Our Highscool's Harlem Shake video! :iconkathole23:KatHole23 0 4
Their Last Mistake
 Tracing the silver lines of the moon with those eyes, they both knew it was time. With his hoof he traced every line, every angle of her face. At those times they could never wanting to leave this place.
  Time started to take its toll and they lost any kind and sorts of control that we used to have before closing the door, This was going to be their last mistake.
A quick inhale, Thier fast intakes.
  They had tried to take it slow, But no. It couldn't be an option in their state of mind.
Anything that they had left was left behind, far behind. Could it be they are the only ones who knew this kind of love, no. He promised her this. The grey skies above then had nothing to do with it.
  With the war and rage all around, there was no other sound. And their eyes were stung with tears as they yelled by the light of the sun that was fast rising. She grabbed his hoof in hers, their warmth intertwined.
  Any face that they were able
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Soarin' trotted in circles along the cobblestone roads in Ponyville. He was still waiting for Rainbow Dash to exit the pizza shop. They both agreed that Soarin' would pay the delivery pony this time around. Even though he would go for a pie any day of the week, the bakery that had the best pies was struggling under new management. After hearing the news Soarin' didnt eat for a week; until Rainbow Dash force fed him. Life just wasnt the same without pie.
"Why pie? What's wrong with pie? I like pie... Who could hate pie? Who the hay would try closing down a PIE SHOP... Life has no meaning." Soarin' grumbled to himself and he continued to wait. After a few more minutes Rainbow Dash finally exited the crowded shop.
"Man" she breathed, "with that pie place your crazy about closed, its bazerk in there."
"Bah humbug." He pouted. "I just wish that I would have one more pie from that place."
Rainbow squinted her eyes from Celestia's sun. "It was pretty good... I wonder why the owner quit."
:iconkathole23:KatHole23 12 15
Nothing else needs to be stated. by KatHole23 Nothing else needs to be stated. :iconkathole23:KatHole23 49 15 Wedding's Suck~Page 1 by KatHole23 Wedding's Suck~Page 1 :iconkathole23:KatHole23 2 2 Weddings' Suck~Page 1 by KatHole23 Weddings' Suck~Page 1 :iconkathole23:KatHole23 10 8 In The Moonlight by KatHole23 In The Moonlight :iconkathole23:KatHole23 8 0 THIS, is why im singe. by KatHole23 THIS, is why im singe. :iconkathole23:KatHole23 1 0 Oh? by KatHole23 Oh? :iconkathole23:KatHole23 2 0 The Wonderbolt Acedemy by KatHole23 The Wonderbolt Acedemy :iconkathole23:KatHole23 2 0 Popcorn~ Page 2 by KatHole23 Popcorn~ Page 2 :iconkathole23:KatHole23 40 22 Soarin'Dash once again~ what can I say? by KatHole23 Soarin'Dash once again~ what can I say? :iconkathole23:KatHole23 38 11 Popcorn- page 1 by KatHole23 Popcorn- page 1 :iconkathole23:KatHole23 41 28 Where we went. [[COVER]] by KatHole23 Where we went. [[COVER]] :iconkathole23:KatHole23 2 0


This one's for KatHole23 by StonedNinja150 This one's for KatHole23 :iconstonedninja150:StonedNinja150 3 1



  • Listening to: Don't mine at night
  • Reading: HA!
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Portal 2/ Minecraft
  • Eating: NO BITCH
  • Drinking: Water (I'll call it weewee....)
[x] You have kissed someone [an ass]
[x] You have your own room.
[x] You own a cell phone.
[x] You have an mp3 player/ipod/discman.
[x] Your parents are still married.
[x] You love your family [when i'm not in a shitty mood]
[x] There is a pool/spa in your backyard.
T O T A L : 7

[x] You dress the way you want to. [sexy.....yeah okay- no]
[x] You hang out with friends more than once a week. (at school!)
[] There is a computer/ laptop in your room.
[ ] You have never been beaten up. [the other way around once.... with a coke can... eue]
[x] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[x] Your room is big enough for you.
[ ] People don't use you for something you have.
[x] You have been to the movies [who the hell hasn't?] [hobos Kat...That's who]  

T 0 T A L : 12

[ ] You have over 500 friends on facebook. [hows 250?..]
[x] You have pictures on facebook [well yeah, i gotta show everyone my sexy face- right?]
[x] Your parents let you have a facebook
[] You get allowance/loan
[] You collect something normal. [i don't collect...I hoard]
[x] You look forward to going to university. ([you have no idea, TO ITHACA!]
[x] You don't wish you were someone else.
[x] You play a sport. [track, indoor track, field hockey, volley ball.]
[x] You want to do something after school/college
T O T A L : 18

[ ] You own a car/truck.
[] You usually don't fight with your parents [meh..]
[ ] You have never got a failing grade on a report card in your life. [...i'm a bad child]
[x] You have friends. [who doesn't?] [again...hobos Kat, hobos]
[] You've never had a detention. [I NEVER EVER DID UNTIL THIS YEAR. MY STUPID ART TEACHER HATES ME AND MY AMAZING ABILITIES IN THE ARTS..... *narrows eyes* "Ur fuked man"]
T O T A L : 19

[x] You know what is going on in the world
[x] You are happy with your life
[ ] You usually aren't sick
[x] You know more than one language. [2, I don't know why they make us learn another...I can barely speak English... "only in America"]
[x] You have a screen name. [Kafeteria_Food]
[x] You own a pet.
[x] You know the words to more than 5 songs.
[ ] You don't have any enemies [HA! cute.]
T O T A L : 25

Total over all: 25

Multiply by 3

Total: 75%

101%+: A+
90-100%: A
80-89%: B
70-79%: C [DAMMIT.. maybe its my personality bringing down my grades...OH WELL.]
60-69%: D
00-59%: F


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I am, in fact a Brony *Pegasister if you prefer, because I'm a chick*
I've been an artist for as long as i can remember and once i discoverd this fandom i decided to draw for it. /)^3^(\


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i was planning on it, but things came up so no :'( Its depressing.... But thank you for the happy birthday!!
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Dude seriously? That would rock. But I'm not sure how that would work out., I want to go to Brony con so bad- But i might go next year. Thanks though <3
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